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The amazing effect of Leaseweb

We usually look to the future. In this book, we will turn to the past and look back on our first 20 years. We will reflect on the growth of the company and how far we have come. The strength of our company comes from our drive to continue to help our customers ­ accomplish amazing things.We believe that if we succeed in this, we help move the world forward. From the beginning, we understood that our highly skilled team is the most important asset in helping our customers succeed. Our international customers are served by regional offices, staffed with team members who understand the local market, appreciate the culture, and are always available to help during local business hours. We connect with our customers and speak theirlanguage, adding a personal touch to the way we work.

Empowering the world around us
From the outset, we have always wanted to help entrepreneurs and companies with big plans and ambitions. It feels incredible when we pull out all the stops for our customers and help them achieve their goals. This is only possible if you really understand them. You need to be an ­ excellent listener and think along with them to be able to arrive at the right solutions that meet their needs. You also need to be ­ reliable. You have to deliver what you promise, and stand behind what you deliver when push comes to shove. And, of course, you need to make ­ connections at every level on both the ­ personal and technical fronts. Empowerment, connection, ­ reliability – there’s a good reason these are the 3 pillars of our ­ purpose: ­ empowering you to reach a greater world.

Their sky, our limit
We were pilots before we founded Leaseweb. Perhaps that’s what gave us a clear view of the limitless horizon. We are always curious about what lies on the other side. Our perspective on the world is organically intertwined with the way we work at Leaseweb. We believe that you must not only solve the issues of the day, but also look past them to what comes next. Where are the next opportunities? How do we ensure our customers can reach them? What will really help them to achieve their ultimate goals? We always work to match their ambitions with our enthusiasm and experience.

The value of common sense
When it comes down to it, it’s not a company that achieves something – it’s the people who make up that company, bringing together their skills and talents, that make it possible to achieve something unique. And that’s the link between ambition and success. It is the art of standing close together, and always backing each other up. Of course, you start out by ­ thinking things through, using common sense, remaining pragmatic and setting objectives. But it’s through ­ giving it your all and achieving amazing solutions that you create a contagious sense of enthusiasm and love of what you do. In this book, we present 20 amazing stories that illustrate our culture and our way of working, something that has been a great benefit in our 20 years of business.

We hope it gives you as much inspiration and enjoyment as it has us.

Con Zwinkels, CEO and co-founder