Jubileumboek NNZ

de bedrijfsgeschiedenis van NNZ jubileumboek voorbeeld.

The story of 100 years NNZ

Uit het voorwoord:

What we imagined yesterday for today, we will re-imagine today for tomorrow!

In keeping with tradition, a book must have a foreword. This honour and challenge falls to me, to do justice to one hundred years of NNZ, I would love to give a living voice to all those who have been involved in the past. How wonderful it would be if my grandfather could personally recount his first pioneering steps. How beautiful it would be for the first employee, the first woman the first customer, the first international employee to tell their stories… All those live voices would literally and figuratively say: nnz is not a family business, but a business with a family.

 When I think of the essence of NNZ, two concepts come to mind: tradition and innovation. As a family business, we are loyal to certain traditions: we value long-term relationships with our employees, customers, and business partners. We stand by our key values, above all we aim to do business on an ethical basis. Perhaps the most important task I have had all these years has been to nurture and pass on values and visions. As my grandfather did with my father; as he did with my elder brother Marco and myself; and as we hope to do with the following fourth generation.

In addition to upholding traditions, the continuity of NNZ also requires innovation. It is my firm belief that reshaping is an undeniable strength of NNZ. In fact, we pride ourselves on our ability to always include ‘the future’ in our decisions. Whether it concerns the organisation, markets or products, innovation is vital. We were early with exports to Eastern Europe, America, and China; with inter- national branches; with our positioning as an independent advisor; and, very importantly, with the realisation that sustainability is becoming an integral part of life and therefore, also of the packaging industry. NNZ is fully committed to reshaping the world of packaging in a sustainable way. The organisation is well placed to deliver high quality thinking, working and products that is required to develop truly innovative packaging formats and solutions. For customers and suppliers, working with NNZ means not only a commitment to reshaping the global sustainable packaging industry, but also to preserving the world of which we are all a part.

 Tradition and Innovation were also the guiding principles in the production of our anniversary book – one story in two books. The first book chronicles our history in eighty pages, in twenty-five dynamic milestones from 1922 to 2022. In the second book, three exceptional photographers present their vision of our story and the world of packaging in sixty-four pages. In our opinion their innovative perspectives show just how special packaging can be. Our drive within and outside NNZ has always been to make it clear that every packaging item is a true work of art in its creation and production. What seems so simple is often a very innovative interaction. Sustainability will transform the world of packaging profoundly! For NNZ, that future perspective is precisely the incentive to continue the path we have been taking for one hundred years: after all reshaping is our story!

I would like to wish all current employees, customers, business associates and family members a great deal of reading and viewing pleasure with our special anniversary book. I hope that future generations within NNZ will experience our story with the same pride as we do at our centenary year. Finally, a special thank you to all those who have contributed with their hearts and souls.

Len Boot
ceo NNZ